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TwoGrand is the easiest way to track what you eat and improve your routine.

Log all your meals in under 3 minutes/day, and follow people at your goal weight to see how they do it.

Powerful food journal

Log your meals and drinks simply by taking a photo. Soon, you'll have a powerful visual history of your eating habits.

Inspiring guides

Follow people just like you, but at your goal weight. See what they eat, and learn how their routine differs from your own.

Personalized for you

Find better matches by answering key questions about your body type, lifestyle, and food preferences.

Real quotes from real TwoGrand users:
Brendan, 27
I gained perspective on how much 'mindless' snacking I did. I eat quite often without even thinking about it, but when there's a required action involved (taking a picture) it helps keep it top of mind and under control."